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Main Stage

28th Annual Market Research Seminar - Day 1 - 18th Mar 2019

8:30:00 AM9:30:00 AMRegistration 
Inaugural session
9:30:00 AM9:35:00 AMWelcome Speech 
9:35:00 AM9:50:00 AMSeminar CommitteePriya, Manish, Sunder, Praveen, Pankaj
9:50:00 AM10:10:00 AMMRSI President's speechPravin Shekar
10:10:00 AM11:00:00 AMKey Note AddressStan Sthanunathan
11:00:00 AM11:30:00 AMTea/Coffee Networking Break partnered by Tata Global Beverages 
Celebrating Indian Researchers partnered by Hindustan Times
11:30:00 AM11:35:00 AMSession IntroductionPankaj Seith
11:35:00 AM11:55:00 AMValue of Vir-tureKshipra Rustogi
11:55:00 AM12:15:00 PMRising from the ashes - Segmentation with a Twist!Priyanka Bhargav
12:15:00 PM12:35:00 PMPricing of Enormous Number of Features - Not a problem anymore!Surbhi Minocha
12:35:00 PM12:55:00 PMWhen the Nip Becomes a Bite - Decoding the threat from challenger brandsRitanbara Mundrey
12:55:00 PM1:10:00 PMQ & A 
1:10:00 PM2:30:00 PMLunch 
New Thinking partnered by Nestle
2:30:00 PM2:35:00 PMIntroductionRitanbara Mundrey
2:35:00 PM2:50:00 PMDo not ask what they wantAmit Srivastava, Pawan Gurazada, Amit Singh Constems AI Dr Moutusy Maity, IIM Lucknow
2:50:00 PM3:05:00 PMAtlantis Reloaded An AI-Enabled Insights JourneySoumya Sarkar, Vidhi Sharma, Amandeep Singh - Absolutdata
3:05:00 PM3:20:00 PMKnow Your PriceSanmit Sengupta, Surbhi Minocha Kantar IMRB
3:20:00 PM3:30:00 PMQ&A 
Brave New World - The Pitch
3:30:00 PM3:35:00 PMIntroduction 
3:35:00 PM3:55:00 PM10 pitches of 2 minutes each 
3:55:00 PM Voting on the Pitches 
3:55:00 PM4:30:00 PMTea/Coffee Networking Break partnered by Internet Research Bureau (IRB) 
The Community Program - TCP
4:30:00 PM4:40:00 PMIntroductionShonali, Priya, Sunder (Parijat)
4:40:00 PM4:50:00 PMWomenserveNiyati Taggarsi, Madhur Mohan
4:50:00 PM5:00:00 PMEqualsDivya Meenakshy
5:00:00 PM5:10:00 PMParikrmaKaran Sabnis, Anuradha Roy Chowdury
5:10:00 PM5:20:00 PMQ&A 
Dr Lalit Kanodia Award Ceremony
5:20:00 PM5:35:00 PMIndustrialisation 4.0Dr Lalit Kanodia
5:35:00 PM5:45:00 PMIntroduction to the award and 2018 contestentsVinay Kumar
5:45:00 PM  Announcement of Winner & Award Presentation 
6:30:00 PMonwardsMR ROCKS 
7:30:00 PMonwardsCocktails partnered by Diageo
7:30:00 PMonwardsGala Dinner partnered by ITC

28th Annual Market Research Seminar - Day 2 - 19th Mar 2019

10:00:00 AM10:05:00 AMWelcome day 2 
10:05:00 AM10:35:00 AMKey Note AddressSunil Kataria
Brave New World - Finale
10:35:00 AM10:40:00 AMIntroduction  
10:40:00 AM11:00:00 AM5 final presentations 
11:00:00 AM Voting on the finals 
11:00:00 AM11:30:00 AMTea/Coffee Networking Break partnered by Eye Square 
Greatest Impact
11:30:00 PM11:35:00 PMIntroductionManish Makhijani
11:35:00 PM11:50:00 PMExperiencing death through the livingShelly Jain, Ashwini Sirsikar
11:50:00 PM12:05:00 PMAll in Two DaySanmit Sengupta, Vasudha Kumar, Soumen Bose Kantar IMRB
12:05:00 PM12:20:00 PMStrange Bedfellows or Jodi No 1Hamsini Shivakumar, Rasika Batra Leapfrog Strategy
12:20:00 PM12:35:00 PMCommodity Price and its impact on Value CreationAnila Vinayak, Neha Sharma Hindustan Unilever
12:35:00 PM12:45:00 PMQ&A 
12:45:00 PM2:15:00 PMLunch Break 
ESOMAR International Landscape
2:15:00 AM2:20:00 AMIntroductionJohn Smurthwaite
2:20:00 AM2:40:00 PMClient ROI StudyBV Pradeep
2:40:00 PM3:00:00 PMBitter Sweet SymphonySven Arn
3:00:00 PM3:20:00 PMTaking guesswork out of a successful strategyIpsita Ghosh and Xiang Chow
3:20:00 PM3:30:00 PMQ&A 
3:30:00 PM4:00:00 PMTea/Coffee Networking Break partnered by Tata Global Beverages 
4:00:00 PM4:30:00 PMKey Note AddressAmogh Dusad, Head Content and Digital, Sony Entertainment
4:30:00 PM4:45:00 PMAward announcements, Vote of Thanks and Seminar Closure